Mix and Match Pest Control

Mix and Match Pest Control

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Express Franchisees can tailor make a package for your home or business to tackle any pests you may have, including rodent baits and traps, cockroach and ant gels for inside the building and sands and dust for the exterior of the building. Each individual service is target specific, so that if you only have ants, you don’t have to pay a fortune on a service that you just don’t need. Some target specific services include…

  • Ant gels, these gels are strategically placed out of your way (back of kitchen sink cupboard) safe from children and animals where the ants can take the gel back to the nests infecting the whole colony, for a more widespread eradication.
  • Rodent baits and bait boxes, baits are placed in our specially designed rodent bait stations that animals and children cannot open or gain access to the bait, therefore keeping co-workers, family and pets safe. These are than placed near the nest or burrow of the rodents, for example, in the roof or in garden shed, for maximum effect

Dust is used in eaves, small crevices and the roof of the building to target specific pests and kill them.